Bitter L's

in #poetry5 years ago

I want a love given as freely as mine.
No strings, no you must change.
Love because I am me, and you are you.
Reciprocated, sincere and unwavering.
It's all I can give and need in return.

I've been down different roads.
Felt with every bit of my soul.
Lusted, loved, and lost.
The bitter L's of my life.

And still I scream I want love.

No hidden agendas, no one-nighters.
Someone to stand beside me.
A joint effort between hearts
to make something last.

Release those painful fears
it's hard, I know. I fear this too.
Love scares me and can't be trusted.
But faith is blind and I'm willing to jump in.
Take my hand, we'll learn to swim.