Poem Perfection#2

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Do you like poetry? 

As for me i am not a big fan of it but i appreciate all those poets around the world that wrote some amazing poems regarding some matters they faces like war,hunger,poverty etc etc. What i like though is funny poems which probably have no reason for existence aside the entertainment factor.


Today we gonna do an experiment and i am gonna write a funny poem (or at least i hope so) in order to show you how "easy" it is and maybe help you find your missing passion. I have done another attempt in the past which for some reason i liked :P so if you wanna check it out click here

The first thing we need to do is find a title and in order to secure the randomness i just asked for a random word out of my little cousin. The word and our title is Perfection (i expected to hear something else from a kid but yolo). Now all we need to do is some rhymes and we are ready to start


Walking down the road

My belly got into hungry mode

Searching nearby for a place to eat

i ended up in Wall Street

A restaurant is what i was looking for

in order to settle with my belly the score

Hiding in a small alley underneath  

I finally found a place to eat

Opening through the front door

i was immediately done for

The captivating smell 

was enough to wake up all of my blood cells

That wonderful golden crust

made my heart turn to dust

What's coming from inside? 

Milk chocolate i implied 

I had to do a quick inspection

All in all that's what i call perfection

"I will take the chocolate croissant"

"Sorry sir that was the last one"


if you want me to write more funny poems (it's the easiest thing to do in village :P) just say a title or what the general content you wanna be and i will try my best!

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You learned how to do english poems in school? Don't know why but no teacher ever taught me how to do poems in english... I know it's similar to Portuguese, but still...

just say a title or what the general content you wanna be and i will try my best!

Strippers, booze, blackjack, whiskey!! Angela Merkel! xD


nah none taught us either but we had literature that in most cases we had to read poems and find the deeper meaning.

Most of the times i considered it bullshit cause if we didn't knew what exactly the poet had in mind then everyone had ''translate'' the way he/she wants and suits them and ofc given their whole mindset.

Thanks for the suggestions when i come back at the end of August i will make more poems! (it's entertaining at least for me :P )


I know that bullshit poem deeper meaning stuff too... that and art, i had to analyze art and write down how i felt and what i thought the artist was trying to paint... such a load of bullshit if you ask me


hahaha now i remember a similar story. It was during first year at college. The teacher showed us an abstract painting i think of Picasso and asked every single one of us to let the class know what we see.

Note that i am in business school :P

When my turn came, i didn't want to say cause i thought there was no meaning and let the teacher know of my perspective. I also told him that i far ahead and already know the reason of this "exercise" which is to see that everyone can have a different perspective and don't necessarily means it's wrong.

hehe then i took an applaud from him :P


I always love it when i know stuff other people in the class don't know and the teacher looks at me like "Damn... well done!" I always give that smirking smile and think to myself "Take that noobs!"