Haiku, image - Un Haiku, un'immagine [ENG/ITA]

in poetry •  3 months ago

Original by @f3nix

End of summer -
I'm back shuffling words and crumbs
during the lunch break

Fine d'estate -
torno a mischiar parole
in pausa pranzo

世の中や蝶の暮らしも忙しき - 小林一茶

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Maybe it's just me but the words "end of summer" always strike me as melancholy. Maybe it's the return of the routine? (Your lunch photo made me think of a little picnic.) :)


Yes, I wanted to summon those feelings through the first verse.. lunch usually is a bit less rustic and photogenic than that (which is the "vecio fritolin" in Trieste, a place where they fry also the chair where you sit and you can taste the typical bread with ham and cren, but prepare to have tears for how spicy it is).


Good food is worth a few tears! ;)

Bellissimo! Vedi come in inglese ci sia spazio per un elemento in più a parità di sillabe? Ma questa volta, ci sta.


Ehh grazie Marco! Finalmente ho usato la foto del vecio fritolin 😂 Si con l'inglese colgo sempre l'occasione, quando posso, per dare un dettaglio in più (o mi butto sulle 11 sillabe)..

It sounds particularly nice in Italian, I don't know why.
Well done! :)


It's more brief and between the second and third verse there's a diphthong (e-i) maybe that's why .. thanks for your comment!

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