Haiku, image [ENG/ITA]

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Original by @f3nix - 11.08.2018

Sun kissed path -
fatigue vanishes
in a crown of clouds

Sentiero al sole -
corone di nuvole
sotto ai miei piedi

世の中や蝶の暮らしも忙しき - 小林一茶

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What a wonderful landscape, @f3nix! Surely everything is lighter if we manage to admire both green and blue together. Clouds can also be a good place to escape. Nice Thursday


Thank you dear Nancy! I felt like the effort for the long trekking disappeared when admiring that sublime nature.. I escaped so many times in the clouds believe me! Hope you will partecipate to the haiku contest, you can also write it in espanol 😉

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One can imagine the landscape without looking at the image. Well done!


Thank you! I'm really happy to know that it gives you this feeling, sometimes I've a bit of regret as I feel that I leave something out hehe

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Thank you for sharing! I felt inspired:

Afloat day's good cheer
My gaze drifts into the blue
Lo, hammerhead shark!

Silly, but I just couldn't help myself!


Inspiring someone is the best reward 🙂 Thank you, your haiku is not silly at all.. remember that haiku doesn't talk about feelings directly, it suggests them to the reader .. keep it up!

..don't know exactly what to say, so I just say what it is as it is, it's a very beautiful photo, actually it's an idyllic view where I would love to build a tipi to live, on top of the green mount, pff..
(dreams, We all can have them)


Those are our beautiful Dolomites-Alps .. trekking there is like immersing in realms of dream and wonder.


Can only imagine, who knows if someday I'll be able to travel freely, would be cool to meet more members of the Steemit family, maybe improvise vegetarian food for everyone, EVERYONE!! hahaha =P
But first, still have to fix a lot of teeth and sort a few other shi##y busyness, again, We all can have dreams, I'll keep on dreaming, just do me a favour, next time You go there, freakin' fly!! in the realm of dream and wonder, then tell the story and I'll be happy for having other part of 'me' enjoying what I want to ;D