Paint Your Day

in poetry •  15 days ago 

It may seem lost from your heart, but to realize the truth is what you ask.

The music within you, gives a sound which you don't hear.

But sure enough it is there. Waiting for you to sing.

Strike a note and let it out, let your voice guide the way.

Let the magic that you are, inspire from within.

Express in words, poem or lyrics.

That the happy you was never lost, but only hiding within the mist.

You are him you speak of. And it is at home, you are.

For you have gone through changes, the changes of a many.

Open your eyes and see, that the mirror tells a story.

It is you who stares back. Not no-one else but you!

You may look a little older now, but inside its really you.

Find the true colors you have, the ones you've got trapped away.

Just bring them out and paint your day. Happy in every single way.

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