Still I Shudder (An Original Poem)

in poetry •  4 months ago

Summer lingers, still
but all too soon
she will brush her lips
across our foreheads

with the very last of
her warm breezes,
a sort of goodnight kiss
with a promise to return.

It’s now a short march to
frigid bluster and
I haven’t yet come to terms,
still I shudder at the thought.

I walk our beagle to the woods
and we savor the last bits of you,
drink in the mottled green and
relish the perfume of your warm Earth.

Soon the memories
will be all we have
and these dreams we harbor
will again transport us
faithfully to another spring.

Eric Vance Walton

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Sometimes memories are that, experiences that remain and appear every time, @ericvancewalton! It is not strange that moods come with seasons, with some moments of days. Those scents, landscapes, that nest in our spirit, become waves of sea that come and wet everything. We, shaken, in the open air, remain like leaves of trees shaken by the wind! Beautiful Saturday and special poem.


Thank you for your very poetic response, @nancybriti!

Wow Eric this is amazing, I love the simplicity of the poem, I see you like free verse and the poem somehow ignited two kinds of senses in me, that of beautiful love and the also that of nature, it's amazing how you ended it as well, it's a beautifully written free verse.


I'm glad you enjoyed this piece! Thank you!

Beautiful poem and photography...upvoted

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Much appreciated!

Beautiful words lamenting the changing of seasons Eric - here we are savouring the last gasp of winter with a sudden cold spell, dreading our harsh summers!
Just so are the seasons of life - always changing from happy to sad times but always with the assurance that the clouds go away and the sun will come shining through!
Enjoy the last touch of summer :)


Thank you my friend. I still find it amazing that the seasons can be flipped to the exact opposite on your side of the world. Maybe we'll have to follow the warmth and travel South of the equator to escape our horrendous winter. : )


It is amazing hey! I have a cousin who is very fortunate in having an apartment in Turkey of all places, so she flees the Gauteng winter every year and lives there for 6 months of the year!
I don't think I could survive extremely cold weather for long periods.

What beautiful, careful writing! I always find your poems so refreshing and smart, Eric! I'm surprised you still have time to write, being on the road and all! :D


Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment @honeydue! I'm a traveler at heart so am usually much more inspired, especially for writing poetry, while on the road.

Beautiful words buddy and indeed those memories shall be there and we should get to see the next change in the nature along side :)


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


@ericvancewalton This is like a romantic season change. The words are very inviting.
I do not know how I missed this. Guess today is the day I am supposed to see it. :) lovely poem

its all about living the moment :) wonderful poem from you enjoyed reading it :)

Reading your poem i remembered the unique smell of wood and silence. Wonderful.

Believe me I have to read this twice to savour it in. I love it, Still, I too shudder at the thought of some memories that keeps me going.

Another spring, but we will have less spring in our step as each year passes and we watch our loved ones wither and fall away. And we will fall in step, and fall behind them until we spring into our graves.

You might think that a depressing thought, but what I mean to say is.....enjoy today. Tell your loved ones how you feel.

For one day they will be memories to us and we will be a memory to someone else.

Great poem. Bittersweet, but full of beauty.


Wise words @jeezzle! Aging is so bittersweet. With each year that passes we're reminded of the fragility of life but the realization of that makes us want to extract more of the marrow out of each moment. That quote, "Youth is wasted on the young." is true. If only I had the appreciation of time that I do now when I was twenty. Time seemed frivolous then. Thank you for the kind comment and for reading!

You enjoy every thing . Your feelings show in your poetry . Nice poem .


Thank you! I really do try to enjoy as much as I can.

All poem is in very beautiful wording .

Good piece of imagination . Beautiful poem dear .