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in poetry •  6 months ago


Here I sit and ponder still
If I should... or if I will
Write a post for you tonight
for this would be my true delight!

But what the topic now to be
For Steemit's blog that they may see?
Shall I write of children sweet
with smiles that dance upon their feet?

or music muse upon a rhyme?
oh could I ever catch the time?
Perhaps I'll set my pen to verse
And write twelve lines, yet unrehearsed.

But that would be too trim and lean
So here I offer you fourteen.

With a little work this could have been a sonnet LOL

images (9).png

Thanks for listening. Feel free to comment, upvote or resteem. - Troy

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A very enjoyable rhythm...

You may want to check line four?




Thank you so much my dear friend. I made the corrections and I appreciate you having my back. Blessings @creatr

Hello my friend, loved the way your poem rhythms. Looking forward to more poems from you.


Thank you so much my friend

Sweet poem Troy, I haven’t visited your blog for awhile so here it goes, I’ll see more tomorrow, this was awsome ❣️


Thank you my friend I hope you enjoyed blessings