Your Property!💛🖤 (A Poem I Wrote For My Girlfriend!)

in poetry •  last month  (edited)

Your Property!💛🖤

I am your property since I am voluntarily your slave,
You are sweet with me sweetie and you are also incredibly brave,
You changed me fully from what I was and got rid of most of my hate,
I will always properly behave,
Since baby I follow you around and you can ride me like a surfer rides a wave,
Indeed my dear lady without you I would still be mentally living inside a cave,
Without you life would be fully gray and I'm addicted to you to the point that instead of losing you I would rather eternally sleep in my grave,

Yo te amo querida Natalie siempre te acariciaré,
Mi querida niña eternamente te valoraré,
Gracias por estar a mi lado todo el tiempo eso nunca lo olvidare,
Después de escribir este poema tranquilo dormiré,
Mi querida niña tu sabes que contigo soñaré,

For me there is only one wonder in the world and that wonder is you,
I truly adore you fully my love and thanks for truly loving me too,
I will always do my best to be the man that you deserve baby and whatever problem arises will be faced by us together since we'll chop our way through,
I know that I am weirder than someone playing a kazoo,
But our relationship is pure anarchy since together we will work hard and our own path choose!❤️

I love you all, I'm out/cambio y fuera... Addio/do pobachennya/do svidaniya, bis später!

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