Mother Anarchy!🐶💛🖤

in poetry •  2 months ago 

You are my anarchy and our kids will be our liberty,
I must tell you that I have a passion that results in me loving you endlessly,
You are perfect for me and we don't need to look into the future since our present is already amazing,
Thank you for accepting me just as I am
and remember that you'll never be too old to be my baby,
I don't care where we live since wherever we are you'll always be my lady...

For you I would kill anyone or any number of human beings,
When I look into your dilated pupils my eyes can't believe how much love they are seeing,
I'd give my life up for you without a single doubt since you are the only beautiful thing in the world and of my life you are the meaning,
I don't care if other people think I am demeaning,
Because you are my stargirl and my dear lady about you every single night I am still dreaming.😍💜💙💞

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I love you all, I'm out/cambio y fuera... Addio/do pobachennya/do svidaniya, bis später!

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