"Whale Dreams" - A Steemit Haiku

in poetry •  9 months ago


In an angry sea
Minnows wait for season's change
Heads full of whale dreams

I don't write many haikus these days but I felt inspired. With so few words it's harder to bring a point across so I figured I'd give my explanation right away: The crypto markets don't look that great right now but this is temporary. If you're on Steemit (and I assume you are because you're reading this) keep posting. You might be seeing much lower payouts (I know I am!) but this isn't the time to get discouraged. It's not a waste of content to post now, if anything, you may have a slightly higher chance of standing out in this crowded sea. ☮️

Image sourced from pixabay.com

(I know, it's not a picture of a minnow but who could resist that smile 😁?)

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Hi @elementm. Curiously, I have been comparing steemit with an ocean for some time, and I have noticed the existence of whales and small fish. I decided to stop dreaming about being a great whale and decided to be a fish with striking colors and large fins, after all we all prefer to see those smiles, as you say, irresistible, hahahaha.
It is a question of persistence. Do what we like without any hurry. The reward sooner or later will end up arriving, while we are constant, creative and above all as we are willing to continue growing and learning to swim better and better.


I think you're right. Trying to become a whale can't possibly be the answer for all of us and the time is better spent becoming better swimmers (writers, poets, artists, whatever) than just wishing we were bigger fishes 🐠.

I love Haikus (I have some on my blog too) This is a good too, such a powerful image in so few words.


Thank you, I'm glad you like it :)