"A little of me" - A Poem

in poetry •  9 months ago


Where speech falls short
Falls to pieces
Falls silent
And touch dissipates
Before it can bridge
The distance
And every psychic SOS
Like a message
Bottled with lead
Sunk to keep
The shipwrecks company
Buried at sea
With a little of me

Every now and then a celebrity I didn't realise was severely depressed will commit suicide. The world comments and mourns but the way we do business continues relatively unchanged. Sometimes it seems as if the act of seeking out lasting happiness is dismissed as selfish, unimportant or impossible. I don't think that's fair to ourselves or each other. ☮️

Image sourced from pixabay.com

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This piece really touches on that sense of powerlessness when faced by a sudden, and tragic loss. Here, it is global, societal in scale. How 'touch dissipates', how those 'psychic SOS' messages never reach their target...

We take it as given that these things happen when it should really be anything but. Enjoyed the poetry, even in spite of the sad news it proceeds :/