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πŸŒ€ World of Confusion πŸŒ€

in poetry β€’Β  10 months ago

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Am I dreaming?

Dwelling in my thoughts.

This empty feeling.

Don't know what it is.

Am I really here?

Is this reality?

Something feels out of place.

Something ain't right.

Where, where am I?

What, what am I?

Who... I?

This place.

This illusion.

Unaware of my divinity.

Makes me wander in circles.

What am I...supposed to do?

In this strange...

Bizar and unspoken...

World of confusion.

An Original Poem by Droucil

For those inclined to some old-school 90's music

> Space Master - World Of Confusion

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Nice music :) I'm actually a fan of the old music, 70s, 80s, 90s, even 60s actually. I totally don't dig the new culture except for maybe a few songs and a few artists. But, anyway - world is full of confusion, yet we shall aim to make the best living out of it, that we can :)


I listened to this kind of music a lot as a kid, still like it once a while but the rock genre really is my thing right now. Whether it be 60's, 70's, 80's, or today's music, I love it all! ^.^

I lost my self. This is awesome poem. Up

Great post! Resteeming

Great words droucil <3
Am I really here?
Is this reality?
Something feels out of place.
Something ain't right.


ty ^.^


<3 :* :)

Wow!! Awesome poetry my friend!! Seriously though sometimes it feels like the twilight zone lol!


haha, i'll gladly take you there ;)

Feeling is intense, good job...



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