Happy New Year! 🥂 An Exciting Year is Awaiting Us, An Oath to the Blockchain #1 💟

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2018 is gonna be an exciting year
Where Blockchain technology will start its career
Show its true potential and lose its frontier
Make something, that we all endear

A wonderous thing of prominent change
No longer will it be all about the exchange
Which for some... might seem strange
As things rapidly will rearrange

This being the year of consent
Blockchain technology's advent
As it will rise and ascent, revealing its intent
Its glorious extent, causing a major event

Of a world growing and making room
Showing what it's capable of, set into motion to bloom
Its destination...being to boom!

An Original Poem by Droucil

If there is any time for FOMO, it's now.

Want to be informed? Make sure you are invested rightly so?
Have a look at this (few month's old) article, written by @oudekaas, about Bitshares vs. Bitcoin. The ultimate Benchmark: BitShares versus Bitcoin who will survive the test of time?

As of now the most known utility of Blockchain technology is the use of crypto currencies. I believe 2018 to be year for this to change. Of course crypto's are a very legimate and useful way of using the blockchain, but it's so much more than that...

In time its true potential will present itself.

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great article. One question, what are your thoughts on crypto currencies that will come out and are backed by gold or silver? One is set to come out in January, I am not sure if the silver is already mined or future mining, which means a world in difference in value. Bringing Bitcoin mainstream was not the best idea, as I know how CME can manipulate prices and pump and dump, without actually owning all. I am new to this site and crypto currencies, so I hope if they do try it, they get shut down, but time will tell which currency emerges in the next 3 years.


A crypto being backed up by silver/gold is a great thing, enabling an easy way for anyone to collect their share with the ease of a mobile device. Only thing is though, you need to be certain that the one providing these services and claiming it to be backed up, has actual credentials (be trustworthy). I quickly heard something mentioned in one of @Stan's interviews about a gold backed company with actual credits and government ties that was about to partner up with Bitshares.


I was kind of curious when someone was going to try that. It seems like something that would have already been done, but to back that you would have to have a serious financial incentive up front. As you mentioned I could see it with a mining situation but to have the silver/gold needed to back a 30,000,000 or so project would be pretty crazy.

Excellent post! Thank you very much for sharing! I love Steemit! I'm telling everyone I know on the planet about Steemit and its potential! It's going to be a phenomenal year for Steemit! Wishing everyone the very best of health and happiness! Blessed 2018 my Friends! Team Steem! :)

its nice ,i hope your 2018 brings success for you

good post, I love your post on New Year's Eve

It is already feeling like a great year for crypto currency. Wonderful post!!!! Steemit all the way!!!!!

I too believe that blockchaim will really hit mainstream in 2018.

I think another coin that should be gaining interest is XEM. Its value has risen in the past week from like $.20 to $1.00 USD. And that is a big rise.

So I looked into it and XEM is a coin representing the NEM Distributed Ledge Blockchain. I think its revolutionary and can provide a better use of blockchain for everything and not just coins. Please take a look at my blog about it and share with me your thoughts. Please follow me if interested.


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Indeed. I am so looking forward.

It is already growing at a tremendous rate! You said it right, by 2020 it might hit maturity. And yes, this is just the beginning out, there is no missing out yet.

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the blog is very informative thanks for sharing us

great rhymes!) blockchain gives not only money but inspiration as well)
you're successful in this topic)

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good post, happy new year dear


Lets make this year beyond our comprehension!

Wow, the poem had an Awesome Rhyming.Keep it up.

Interesting! Subscription to your blog!

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