where are you now, my love

in #poetrylast year

I'm here in the middle of the mountain
seeing the sky, watching the stars above
reminiscing our past.

I remember your tender touch, the smooth of your skin,
I remember the smile of your face.
I remember the way you look at me.

Its is hard to say that I don't care about you anymore,
but the truth is that I still love you.
It's hard for me to move on.

where are you now, my love
Hope that you're doing fine.
Hope that you remember me.

Wishing that I don't let you go.
I want to wipe out the tears that
I've caused to tell you that I'm sorry
and say Let's start all over again.

Hope that you will give me another chance
to make it up to you my love.
one day,
I call on your phone.
Hoping that you will answer it.

and you said, Hello
Thank God, you answer it.
-Maria, my love, I'm sorry for the things that I said.
I don't really mean it.
Hoping that you will give me a chance to make it up to you.
and you say, Come home, my love.

-I'm was so happy that she forgives me.


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