You'll Never Know Happiness Till You Learn To Love Yourself

in #poetry2 years ago

Most people complain about not getting enough love in their life. They act like they actually had the love at some point in their lives, and a stranger came and plucked it out. They hold on to a love they once had and fantasize about someone coming back into their lives and offering them everything they have not been able to offer themselves. They hang in between hope and desperation. This keeps them away from reality.


Some other individuals also try to survive in a bad relationship that dim their greatness. They live in constant anger and fear without knowing how to get out of this b0ndage.

Do you know such individuals? Does it sounds like you? Are you the one hoping you will eventually find that right person which would come and take your miseries away?
Do you want to face reality? Do you want the truth that is not sugar coated? IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!! The good thing is you can do a lot to yourself and feel love.

So what do you do to live your life while also feeling loved? The first thing to do is make a decision on where you want to be, how you want to live your life. You can decide to live a life where you can find real love, real friendship, health, passion and a lot more.

So how do you move yourself to live that life of purpose? Read! Do more readings. Learn on how to create a live and love you fantasize about. Change your thoughts and behaviours. Be positive. Go to places you can express your inner strength. Get positive contents from the internet, surround yourself with loving people, and most importantly, LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF.

When you're at the level you want to be, and you did it all by yourself, with no help or validation from anyone, you'll meet someone who offers the level of love you desire and then, you'll share your life with them. This is because people who feel good about themselves don't need to drain others of energy. They generate their own energy, which is why they love and respect others.

Loving yourself is building a strong relationship with yourself. Do that now, and you'll never feel alone, stressed, or desperate for love from someone else.

Decide Your Vibe And Live With The Consequences.