Your Power

in #poetry2 years ago
Life analysis delivers results on a plate of clear horizons, puts beauty in front of the eyes of reality and turns toward victory. A smile passes through love thoughts in the shade of the sunset, moonlight creates conditions for wonderful dreams.

We discovered the new self in places of crime and love, we are tempesting the laws and the form of miraculous successes and failures. I understand the ambition that descends to throne achievements, the prestigious status reaches a new possibility of magical change.

Release me with the thoughts of the fiery honour and the pure energy of the universe, launch the waves of knowledge in my veins. We all have the magnificent uniqueness and free will of creation, be brave on your life course.

Feel my energy in the sincere vibration of love energy, I am dedicated to you and to your passions that are quiet and sincere. Life is reviewed in all the apps that give us the basis for great success, make a life balance strategy and go on a path of happiness.