You Slept On The Waves Of a Kiss

in poetry •  9 months ago
  • The mountains descend into the sea and the goldfish stroll on the beach, the cat descends from the tree in the restless winds of the mind. Surfing on ideas through the snow of the volcano, a kiss of a princess arouses me in this beautiful morning.

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  • The winds show your body, the work of art continues to work on perfect movements that bring my emotions to ecstasy. I was out of passion for your touch, embraced me on the beach of dreams to feel new days of enjoyment. Jump on the tree of freedom and read the thoughts of magical sighs.

  • Rose Oasis and Smile Lake raise the level of dopamine through perfect forms of expression. We drink a cocktail of our dreams while we plan a creative future, you are a romantic work of heavenly hands. Silence called music from the heavenly planets, talents play the game on the new science platform.

  • I love you from the beginning of the idea to the kiss in bed, you are a great opportunity for my advancement. I swim at the enthusiasm of your passion and sincere emotions, leading to the new realm of dynamic energies where kundalini launches cosmos in us.

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Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Ummm... Didn't know about this side of yours. A leader who inspires others, yes! A man who achieves his goals, yes! A man who carries an important mission, yes! But a sensitive and romantic poet who expresses his feelings so genuinely and softly... It's my discovery of today!


See you on the top, thank you for your kind words

Thanks for sharing this very nice


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Wow .. this is what I call : Art


Thank you very much, see you on the top

It is very touching poem.Looks like you have gone through so many things.You are a very talented poet go ahead.Keep it up.Thanks for sharing.


Might not necessarily gp through things, just like an acto,r a good poet must imagine things and set himself inside his/her imaginations


Thank's for your thought.


Of course


I wan't to see you on Steem Schools discord channel, have a nice day



U have nice editing..good job


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How good poet you are Sir @dobartim
You really expressed what deep inside your soul.


Thank you very much

i love your article sir. you are very talent.


Make one poetry

so we have an emotional poet too in this community. Thanks for your emotional poetry


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I am, I tried a lot to get ideas. I also pinged many youtube channels but mostly are promoting non-sense ideas. I posted my queries in general chat room but no response. @nikolina tried to guide me as she is overloaded sometimes. disappointed after small but hard efforts.
I commented actual and facts on many posts, I created my own genuine posts and articles. but no responses from seniors. I got steemit is the platform of earning for seniors only as they upvote each other. I don't think so its a valid place for newbies.

Beautiful Poem 😍😍😍


Thank you very much

Great poet. Am always thrill by your creativity


See you on the top

This is very emotional...
I love the part that says "you re a great opportunity for my advancement"
Thanks for sharing with us..


You are welcome

The most effective way to achieve a bright future is to face the present with courage and constructiveness

A well written poem and the images blend well with the rhythm. And I'm really happy that you're a poet too. Creativity is your nick name

Wow, you are very good sir. Your lines are quite dreamy. Love pictures, they rest my eyes sir. Thank you for sharing.

wowwwww a great poem..... thanks sir @dobartime for sharing this awesome poem with truly amazing pictures..... following you now for more thissss
keep it up 👍👍

@dobartim great work, been listening to your discord channel for some time now, you are a great leader, teacher and you do what you say.... GREAT POST!!

This piece of poetry is mind-blowing and fantastic. I think you are one of the best poets I have ever seen.

I like the first photo, did you design it and by which program

Deep, with very deep meanings. "I love you from the beginning of the idea to the kiss in bed, you are a great opportunity for my advancement"

The phrase I'll write on it. Thanks for sharing Sir, continue inspiring us.

I have never seen a poem expressed this way, in bullet-point paragraphs, but you know that's one of the beauties of poetry, that it can take whatever form the poet feels is best. I enjoyed the whole piece, especially this:

I was out of passion for your touch, embraced me on the beach of dreams to feel new days of enjoyment. Jump on the tree of freedom and read the thoughts of magical sighs.

Love this idea of rekindling passion. I've been with my partner for 11 years, and children have taken us away from each other for a while (simply too busy each day). Now we are coming back together, making time to reconnect, so I see reflections of my own life in these words. Perhaps that is not what you meant, but it is how the poem spoke to me. Blessings!