Trading Feelings

in poetry •  7 months ago
  • I lost money in exchange for my dear, I felt the possibilities of adrenaline at the tables of love. We exchanged different words with a smile with a sweet drink, I turned my thoughts towards the open heart. We flew on the wings of enthusiasm with the fire of passion, you showed me new contact possibilities.

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  • A few steps away from me, masterful movements draw great works on the canvases of imaginative reality. This dance began with your movements in a gentle touch of romantic lights, you set the virtual boundary between professionalism and our happiness.

  • I heard the myth of your beauty, and now this story has become true, we create balloons of profits that come with risky thoughts. Rise clouds beneath the magic rain, show me the face of the angel who gives the unlimited power to my faith.

  • The energy of love has replaced the losses in our game of chance, you have become a noble lady with the heart of a champion that raises me to a higher level of consciousness. We have done the best moments with artistic feelings, our emotions circulate in kisses of fiery passion.

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And love they say opens doors into the heart of the heartless. It puts smiles on the faces of stones and drifts man away of an unforgiving attitude. Love is sweet lol.

Great work @dobartim

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I guess i will try one in my next post.