In The Bottom of My Heart

in poetry •  2 months ago 
Thin ice and high fashion in fervent passion make work with short-term purpose and mission of ego enjoyment, awakening above material illusion and you will feel real spiritual power. I open myself for the changes that bring happiness and true values, you are the love of my life.

Feel the power of thought in every word that vibrates with the energy of love, show understanding for the mistakes that lead us to the goal and the chosen ideals of truth. We all receive a great prize and we have signs of decay for the thief of karma and deeds, be devoted to moral work and you will advance at all levels of life.

You are the source of beauty and the mystical power of love wisdom and the truth of life, you are a princess without a defect that leads me to the wonderful path of emotional virtues. In my heart, you will change the pure truth and honest intentions, my word is sincere and bright when it passes through your filters.

A challenging destiny goes through time indicators of thoughts and feelings, we move toward perfection that is unachievable to us. Business management logic has importance in all spheres of life, learn to master your habits and ways of thinking.


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Interesting, I am also posting some poems and I'd love to have some feedback on what I can improve. My girlfriend of course is a little biased in her criticism.

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Awesome, keep going