Gentle Truth

in poetry •  5 months ago 
Earth gives a base for the uncoordinated development of personal potential and success, we move the limits of ego endurance while we sleep on wise dreams. Special conditions of love bring joyful news on the hands of tenderness, we feel emotions that grow on the desire tree.

Everything is all right when you replace the sin with the correct morale when the rain falls on your thoughts flying over the sunny sky and the fragrant fields of new ideas. We arrive at each station of change and exceptional openness of energy, we create a magnificent future on the foundations of change and innovation.

With these days, they have unique moments of joy and happiness, every moment is filled with love codes that are programmed from the heart. You are the solution that leads us to the light, you are a person who knows the signs and who follows the traces of true values.

Discontinue the crude game of passion in the interest of lust and greed, open the heart for new victories that bring you blessings of the universe. Power is an illusion that passes in the infinite time of change, the sand clock gives signs and timeframes in which everything makes sense.


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That is really beautiful write up! Keep it up!