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in poetry •  16 days ago
The beginning of love passes the barriers of business opportunities, passion transforms the desire into virtues that become available to the topmost thoughts of the emotive combination of my ambition. Everything moves in the rhythm of rapid change, the past and the present becomes the myths that build the foundations of the future.

I see smiles on the faces of the busy people who seek inspiration in the day that passes, I feel the energies that extend through the ether. More and more can be better, but in all of these things we lose personal peace, our tendencies as lazy business create an illusion of happiness.

Adaptation moments seek the ideal chances to get into the sea of ​combinations, I seek the love and beauty of your thoughts of words and deeds that change the essence of life. We assemble alliances in compromising emotions and material interests, I want to achieve synergy with your soul.

A girl, a lady and a woman who takes me on a path of free love deserve my sincerity and an open heart, you are more than an ordinary partner in the world of immorality. We follow the principles of sublime morality on the wings of your blessings, you are the realization of my dreams.


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Yesterday i did a meditation in where it felt as if the atoms that I consist of are connected with the grain of space that is made up of atoms surrounding me. The deeper i focused the more i felt connected to the larger. The larger i became connected to that space, the more I felt connected to the entire universe. It felt as if there was no time or space between my body and the whole universe. It felt as if i could picture my body growing roots into all directions. Roots that were like trees but others comprising of various molecules of energy. As if i could feel changes happening everywhere. These roots or branches also looked like branching out of my ethereal body merging into energy. Photons, changing orbits of electrons, dancing, spinning and traveling thoughts through light. I felt weightless. Growing out of the edge of my aura I felt a link to a grid of infinite energy and knowledge. One that we are all connected to. As if i could download information from a grid of infinite records that possess a universal language. I felt that this language is made up of morally high values and empathy perceived by the very few who can learn to tune into it. I believe we can all tune into that.

There is a theory of multiple discovery and i have recently been thinking about it. Do you think we can all tab into a grid of collective consciousness?


Collective consciousness is the consciousness of the universe, we are all connected.