Clouds of Happiness

in poetry •  last year 
  • We pay for the forgetting bench as the moon shines in the palm of a true story. Words became weapons of wise motivation, we were changed on the waves of new trends. Freedom gave hope to the imagination market, excellent songs raise the morale of our generation.

  • We raise the stake in the gambling table of life risk, conquer new creative projects with incredible magical minds. The rain fell on your body as I watched the cheerful face, the memories raise the barrier around my eyes that see your perfect beauty.

  • We create wonders in the depths of emotional events, we fall on tests that raise us to a series of powerful changes. The paintings have become an old art on the windows of destiny, virtuous imagination drives the world through a new dimension of inspiration.

  • The Kiss achieved the deepest desires in the Gulf of happiness, we achieved ecstasy of enthusiasm with a smile of stars. Clouds bring new news of the greatest secrets of success, you are the driving force of mystical knowledge in the heart of the universe.

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The Cloud of Happiness gives the soul a coolness

The light that is never lost in human life is love

Is love a powerful weapon in life on planet earth?

love is a power that can not be separated in human life, it becomes a life motivation, it can change all empty views of the moon to be a witness that its light will give prosperity and wisdom is is the most powerful weapon to make us strong.

What can the generation provide?

Generation is the most powerful menteng for a great power that can not be opposed with any weapon, Dead one generation then will be born 1000 other generation, broken grows lost lost.

Is miracle a real work?

Miracles are the grace of the creator of the universe, the downfall is a message of prosperity to come and this is a real sign that does not know when it will rain.


Happiness is the dream of all humanity

Dream about spiritual and material freedom


Thank you

Your poetry is really heart touch every line is based on real life and attractive. I appreciate your work.

Thank you very much

Nice poetry... Love it

Welcome to Steemit

beautifull and the pics are amazing

Yes it is

Wonderful writing! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much

You are welcome! The pictures are great. I love the colors! Have a great day!

Muy Linda, poesia excelente para reflexionar y agregarle color a la vida.

Thank you