A Gentle Sign Of Internal Victory

in poetry •  last year
  • We look at the future and the eyes of heavenly bodies, we are snowflakes that disappear in the darkness of the universe. The freedom of thought flies in the words of the dragons, we change the mood of tears to laughter. My peace comes through the oasis of your heart - love is the limit of universal rules.

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  • The future is happening this moment, we stand in the rain of pure knowledge while we bathe in stardust. Leave the past that is happy and hard, come with me in new joys in the flower fields of fragrant roses. We broke the walls with the energy of madness, the sources come to the palm of our success.

  • We stand on invisible connections with the taste of trees, I feel your body at my depth. Ideal perfections burn the water of old warriors, we mention leaders and their works through the history of dishonest works. The naked morale raise new challenges beyond our capabilities.

  • Life is beautiful, in seconds we count the running for victories, we are a leaf in the wind that looks into your magical eyes. We show strength when we are alone in the room of our dreams, Love flows without borders and touches at all levels of perfect messages.

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Original poetry written by @dobartim
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A soul expanding and inspiration write, dobartim. A pleasure to read:)


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I am sorry, dobartim. I am very busy single mom. It is all I can do some days to get my posts up here and still tend to my child's needs. I can only do my best. Sending you kind regards.


I wish all the best

Great sirji.......... really enjoyed......you are amazing


Thank you very much, be part of Steem Schools

Fascinating!! 💪 its so deep


Welcome to Steemit, see you on the top

When I read the poem you wrote, as if I were in the flow of the poem.
you combine the love of life and the hope of something in our life dreams.
I am amazed with the poems you made.
hopefully you are always healthy to always be able to give the color of life in steemit.
you are amazing @dobartim
Thank for @muslemtumin21


You are welcome

I like the pics so beautiful


Make better comment

When @dobartim speaks to one, he speaks for all....
Wonderful words...
Just couldn't help but vote for this


Amazing... Your writings are really inspiring... Great work

great work


Thak you very much

Keren pos yu



Trippy to read this post after I had just finished writing this somewhat intense post for somebody about their future self.



This is bad comment, be part of our Steem Schools


This post starts with line of looking at our future with the eyes of heavenly bodies... then you go into invisible connections and running for victories. I just spent the past several hours writing a post answering somebody's question about reaching their maximum human potential with the advice of getting in touch with his future self (which is likely a heavenly body), and to use his willpower to ensure victory. I then read this post and my mind explodes.

How is my above comment a bad comment? I am directly engaging with you about your human experience and mine.