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in poetry •  6 months ago
  • We go on adventures with a smile of heart, we achieve success with the creation of the truth. We have won the highest peaks of love in a trap for happiness, leaving traces of enjoyment on the wings of passion. Look at the stars and the sunny beaches, we have won beautiful emotions on the other side of the feeling.

  • Looking for ourselves in the immature fruits of knowledge, we run across the bridges of friendship while destroying the wrong dreams. We have shown excellent ego signs on the leaves of lust, feel the changes that come with the signs of the angels.

  • We earn points on the memory of the future, train the most beautiful dress and show your most beautiful face of love. Kiss me with volcanic energy, lift my spirit to the next level of reason and consciousness. I believe in the change of character, work and words to the bright moments of eternity.

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NICE POST, I comment with this

tread on the way to the successful gate
across a narrow path of knowledge
stumbled and tripped over the barrier stones as well as the sharp thorns that were perched on the legs of the spirit
the ignorance of the open window of knowledge becomes a straight path to the goal

just armed with a warm hug with your beautiful smile
not knowing where to go
stars in the sky with beautiful configuration become directions
so that this odyssey can get back on the right path

warm regard from Indonesia


Greetings from Macedonia

Hare Krishna Dear Sir.
The poem is full of volcanic energy of emotions and feelings the wings of fire want to catch our feelings but these are beyond our power.
I enjoyed the complete phenomena you draw through your poem it's lovely.
Thank you sir.


You are welcome

Such a nice words you got my upvote and resteem


Thank you


Keep posting sir


Keep going

I can feel the passion from here. Great one sir


I am glad you like it

Amazing Way


Yes it is