Colorful Love

in poetry •  5 months ago
  • I jumped into the river through the window of the lake, we bathe in the emotions of the waterfall while we sleep on the sunny beaches. We uncover the deepest secrets of memory in the hands of happiness, the smile changed the way of thinking in the light of the adventure.

  • Success is the pursuit of your heart, turning the waves good on the wings of pure winds. Knowledge is the wealth of the mind with the powerful consequences of consciousness, opens a new door with the smile of the soul. The rules conquer the dimension of joy, get started.

  • Errors show the signs of kisses, you have won my intentions through a mirror of natural energy. Words become fog in the eyes of the winner, the truth circulates through the sacred objects and wisdom of the old prophets. Organize a character with the challenges of credibility, you are pure love.

  • Respecting the mixes on the table of marvellous enthusiasm raises new questions in tears of kissing. Show new ways of digital reality from the business angles of the leader. The golden hair on the hands of passion, turn towards a good mission of the universe.

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Hare Krishna dear sir,
Love has abundance of colours because love is itself very colourful.
Good day dear sir.


Hare Krishna


Jai Shri Krishna.



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The color of love is a beautiful rainbow. The rainbow is one proof of love that unifies color differences.

Love is the light of life that the color of love shines upon the souls of men.


See you on the top



Thank you very much

Do not ever play with the belief of a person. In fact, one day will see, like believing in yourself, you can not find anyone in this world beside him.



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