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Whence Came Inspiration?

The bubbling up of inspiration’s fickle fountain:
From whence came its shining current, o’er
Exotic seas other-dimensional with violet glow,
Proceeding ever-narrowed through the boggy
Confines of fleshly limitation?

Or blew it in upon a balmy wind that brushed
Golden locks of lace within the ever-turning air?

Or launched it through some lundering tendrils,
Ever-quivering that phase through flesh to bless
Beings impaled with the madness of sweet fervor?

Or sprouted it of some primordial seed,
Nourished of languorous moisture from
Celestial ponderance ever-generated?

The lofty muse springs serpentine,
Fluthers about in ever-youthful glee,
Delight-born ‘gainst wide-eyed quivering
Of the mauve worm which brought it forth.

The luminous scratching of robèd elders,
Grey with time & painted by foreknowledge
Into dwindling precision on a rosy sunset scroll
Enter all the same into truth’s conflagration.

There to rest evermore & decline then to wonder
Whether of emerald seed or obsidian tentacle,
Citrine breeze or sapphire seas did it come as a
Gift to the world: which swallowed its sustenance
Into dark lungs and believed. 

By Daniel Pendergraft


You always create such wonderful and very deep poems, that challenge the mind. Inspiration can come from so many different ways and places. Some experiences are typical in everyday life, but other inspiring moments can be when you have a quiet mind or a negative experience. It can come from pain or from love or when one hits rock bottom. Inspiration can also be fleeting and sometimes it goes so quickly that you lose it. But we always have to be ready to recognize it because it is not always obvious. Thank-you, as always, for making me dig deep to find meaning! .....Cabbagepatch

Thanks for your detailed feedback! I think you're spot on, inspiration is something innate to life, difficult to pinpoint, yet nonetheless ever-present if we become aware of it. I wrote this as a therapeutic process, an affirmation of sorts, declaring that inspiration is always there. Almost to spite the inner pessimist--- but more so to support the infinitely creative inner optimist that comes out when we embrace all of life, good and bad alike.

@d-pend. This poem is very deep and soothingly beautiful. It reminds me of times of old back in the days of Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe. The pictures compliment the poem well and help to take you to this place, a place from which you may or may not want to return. Thank you for touching my spirit with this one.

Thank you @rensoul17 for reading and bringing this feedback to the table. I definitely had an archaic place of rugged beauty held in my consciousness while I created this. I am glad the effect was achieved. I wanted to beckon the reader to a place of magic that is timeless. I'm happy to hear it communicated something to you :)

Very nice @d-pend (now I know where you got your handle). You always seem to be skating on the edge of sensuality. Almost 'risque'

That's a keen observation; I think you're onto something there.. I always enjoy hearing feedback as I think there's a certain blindness to our own creations that artists have...

Beautiful verse.

This was the stanza that particularly got to me:

The luminous scratching of robèd elders,
Grey with time & painted by foreknowledge
Into dwindling precision on a rosy sunset scroll
Enter all the same into truth’s conflagration.

"truth's conflagration."

Very Well Said.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad that stanza struck you, as I made quite a few changes to it to get to that point. Sometimes in making lots of modifications you end up with something of a lukewarm result ;)

Le Sigh

This is such a classically romantic verse, at least the way it sounds when read aloud, the way the tongue caresses each line -- magic on the inhale.


:D Thank you very much @mamadini :) High praise from the master poetess herself :)

This is so beautiful @d-pend. Thank you for finding me and sharing your absolutely gorgeous soul.

I found you because you voted for one of my posts. Thanks for that.

I've been enjoying the snippets of daily wisdom you share @doctorjohn. I'll continue following, thanks for checking out my work!

It is very pretty. You have a lot of talent. Bravo.

Thank you!

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