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Ode To Fern Fountain


Were I to know it in advance,
Would I still allow the forking paths
To bloom and spread like fickle lightning?

Hand in front of foot in front of
Solar plexus pulls me


Magnetized, by ion-swirl:
Delicately unfurled my energy

Until a cylinder tube crystal festooned &
Crowned my ragged countenance with bliss.

Concentration unbroken: the certain token
Of inspiration clenched me


Strength of stone dropped
Leaden quicksilver
Into my veins


By Daniel Pendergraft

Photos taken 7/11/17 At Holy Cross Waterfall
near Boone, NC


The cadence of this poem is... weighty. Gives you a real grounding in the imagery. I love it!

Thank you very much for reading and weighing in :) Have a great day!

I see what you did there. :)

The beauty of nature can draw one's spirit into it's realm where walls are broken down to allow for inspiration to enter one's essence. Here one is able to connect with creativity, calmness and awareness. We all need a Fern Fountain to restore our energy, soul and aspirations.... Cabbagepatch

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I love how this brought very abstract images to mind as I read through, despite some rather concrete strings of words. Complex and beautiful.

Trying out a pretty different style than I usually write. Glad you enjoyed the experiment :D Thank you for the feedback :)

I'll have to go see this place Boone is not to far its beautiful beautiful words and pictures!🕊

Yes! A lot of people from NC as well as far away come vacation here. It's lovely.

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