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Humans, As Dust


Devouring vistas that ravish with viridian fangs
      the particulate beings gathered as dust

Sublimated into fog, into mud,
                                                trapped & free to roil in
                    Myriad currents that astonish

Vacuum winds that broomed the rippling ocean,
that swept the heartstrings, sent
                  hovering strands of spiderwebbing air

                                             Priest that knelt intoning,
throats singing with abandon the
                     Isolation that resurrects me

Milkfat and butter-oil,
Thin grass that melted,
              Crags that bled foibles,
              Rockdust and salt-crystal


Silent eyes that widened,
                             Watched it shrink
Into invisibility
                             Of my ignorance.

Beauty that carressed,
                  Senescence that breastfed mountains

Magmatic touch of the muses
                  Insignificance which comforts the soul

Spirits that wander
                  Amidst devouring vistas that ravish
                                    with viridian fangs

                                                      As dust.

crimsonclad-bluffs-edged-ocean-greenhills (1).jpg

By Daniel Pendergraft

crimsonclad-bluffs-edged-ocean-greenhills (3).jpg

crimsonclad-pyramid-bluesky-greenhill (4).jpg

Photography by @crimsonclad

Check out and support the original post below!
A World Falls Away — the Curve of the Horizon at Céide Fields

crimsonclad-pyramid-bluesky-greenhill (2).jpg


A very poignant poem to remind us that we are created and born into beings only to live, die, and then return to the nature of water, trees, air, dirt, food and then the cycle continues over and over again. We are one with nature and the universe.

beautiful man. That was great.

and I agree that @crimsonclad 's photos are very nice indeed. Going to read her post now


big hugs

thanks for your vote before

Another great poem! Thanks for using the OHB tag! :-) Cheers!

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Nice poem, and @crimsonclad did a great job making these beautiful pictures!

Thank you @w0olf! What she wrote about in the post was beautiful too, you should give it a read ;) It's about Céide Fields in Ireland where she took the pictures.

Already did @d-pend 😉
I was there too last year in sept.
But have not much (and not soon good) photos of this place. It's wonderful to see this place again in such quality!

Nice! That's amazing. I'd love to visit there :) Is it a famous location? Otherwise what are the chances you both visited..!

I don't think so. We did a round-trip through Ireland, and this was one of the many stops. :) The Giant's causeway was stunning too, and muuuuch more people there ;)

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