Day harp

in poetry •  3 months ago

Day harp

poetry by @d-pend
   with photos by rafinerija

summer_night_in_savska___p_by_rafinerija-d4k28sm 2.jpg

summer_night_in_savska___p_by_rafinerija-d4k28sm 3.jpg

Day harp

A fan humming myopia,
metallic continuity shuddering
under the lilac pyre of dawn
through specked curtains.

Covered by greyed feathers' sheen,
heron-eyed pyramid
rising behind lids coalescing
to the rhythm of day-fire.

Light the heart-chameleon's torch
and I will rise through fog,
to touch the mind's complacency,
lament the limit of thralls.

Abuzz with weird distortion,
time, the limitless rusted wall
of climbing temples fallen:
of setting beams through gall.

Subdued by muted wonders
which bloom through boarded wings,
emerging from my bed of mist
I pluck the world of strings.

summer_night_in_savska___p_by_rafinerija-d4k28sm 4.jpg


brightblue.jpgsummer_night_in_savska___p_by_rafinerija-d4k28sm 5.jpg

Poetry by
Photos by

   1 ⁻-₋ "Summer Night in Savska"
   2 ₋-⁻ "Preserve Your Memories"
   3 ₋-⁻-₋ "Two Way"

summer_night_in_savska___p_by_rafinerija-d4k28sm 6.jpgbrightblue2.jpg


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Enjoy your day and stay creative!!
Botty loves you. <3

In this poem, the sunrise has been depicted in different ways, as well as the end of the night is also mentioned.

Haha cool title :) amazing that you picked photos from a person that's from my country :))

How you been bro? Any poetry challenge incoming? :)

Edit: lol, I though the title is DIE HARP, like die hard xD anyway...

its beautiful poetry.....i like it...everytime i read your brings smile on my face. Thanks


Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoy it. :/)

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Great poetry. Its being long i did poetry writing. Will try out some very soon. Thanks for this piece

Once again a very nice poem. What is the meaning of "the heart-chameleon's torch"?

what a feeling ...
I really like this poem. My english is not very good. Nevertheless, as I understood it, I was enchanted.
congratulations my dear friend.

I love the ryhme scheme of "ABAB" employed in the verses it's definitely amazing.
"Day Harp" I felt the effect of sounds though in the poem, it's sophisticated, beautiful however.

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Daniel, your poetry i always like a piece of a fairy-tale.
just sit and imagine, draw images in your heard and feel their hidden messages

The string as metaphor. A world of strings. What kind of music does it play? What do we make of someone who "plucks the world of strings"?
How is it done?
Fixing the strings in vertical and horrizontal barriers made of metal and other unbendable materials?
Painting them on the floor as delusional arrays of order?
We keep boarding ourselves with complacency, but nature's stubborness seem to always find ways to break through and surprise us through "muted wonders".
It is up to us to pull those strings and make them sing.

The way of life has double meanings, some go and others come back. But, in itself, all walk, seek, find and continue looking for that which pushes us to live, to touch, to vibrate. The long nails of the wind touch our strings and remember what we are here for, what are the priorities. Sometimes obstacles obstruct our vision, but inspiration saves us. You have a giant universe that dances with your rhythm and vibrates in notes so high that we lose sight of you, but you always go and come back and always come back with more.
I love how this is going. Thank you for lighting the way in times of darkness. I hug you infinite, @ d-pend.

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