Battle Between Known And Unknown

in #poetrylast month


One side is practical, one side is spiritual
Debating battle, dividing battle
Known also divides, unknown also divides
That means everything divides, this world only divides.

One side is saying everything is related, one side is saying everything is unrelated
Both are wrong? This meaningless battle is wrong
Why this battle? What is ahead of this battle?
This world is surprising place, chaotic place.

People are trying to find the truth of beyond life, beyond known life
But why? Ask yourself why?
There is no right and wrong answer in beyond life, unknown aspect of life
It's all speculations, calculative speculations.

Understanding is less in debates, meaningless debates
Leads to nowhere, debates leads to nowhere
No winners, all losers
Upsetting existence, unknown is upsetting existence.

Both realities are speculations, more or less speculations
Spirituality is more deceiving, because of unknown aspect spirituality is more deceiving
But yet spirituality feels more real, more real than practical
Result is unknown, battle between known and unknown.


"This is my original and imaginative work".

(Pictures are edited and used from the Canva application).

Chiranjeevi Sarikonda

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