Longing for the moon

in #poetry4 years ago


Amber of moonlight penetrates into the heart.
The sun has been cheating in silence.
The king's weeping echoed through the night, the princess left without saying goodbye.
The shining shining stars have vanished in solitude.

The pain in the moon misses the unstoppable feeling.
The moon's sweet face binds a fancy in the ocean.
A breeze mixed with the waves of broken wood, and the king fell asleep in the dream.

As despair falls in the eroded breath of time, the king kneels in the silence of the sun in the darkness.
Chicken school when the dawn arrives and finally the king awakens in buayan.


Nyatanya kamu juga sosok wanita romantisya. Kreasi kata katamu sangat membekau. Suksesya

Ah kamu bisa aja nyenengin hati aku. Justru kamu itutu si raja gombal. Tapi aku sukaaa. Bukan kamu... Tapi syair muuu huaahaahaa. Canda ya

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