The Nothingness : A Freewrite Poetry.

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Each waiting with tears
"Mother, come in" we begged
Expecting her hubby for years
Never looked back, didn't return
No report, no message for years
And the poor soul wait unend.
Totally a novice, barging all doors
The errands in his hand on the floor
Tears of misery for his master is a monster
Tried to help but no way out
Tear through the ground to savage it
Trampled down is it, sorry Squire.
A knife to the throat is it
A fund not paid,
A debt long term owed
A friend bitter with grief
A help taken for granted
A knife to the throat is it
A fund needs to recovered today.
Money maid with haste
Mourning maurade there homes
Money gotten in blood
Men waste for vanity sake
Money bought with corruption
Makes grand children's teeth sour
Money acquired in dubious ways
Madness run in there blood.
An entry into @Mariannewest everyday freewrite

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I find this one hard to understand. Who knows I will one day.

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