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The following are notes from a writing course I signed up for at a community college, because learning is goood :) enjoy, this is Ike free edumacations.






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All you want, you can have if you try.
Was it yoda writing?
Me too, I would like to take a course to improve my writing!

I would need a PHD so ill just continue being a train wreck of grammar and spelling. Carpenter first, writer second.IMG_4391.jpeg

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Trees just unfinished stilts
The world tilts
All tops turvy
It unnerves me
To be so high
And yet my lips wet
For another twisted mint cigarette
And I cant repent
For time spent fucked up.
Somewhere in another chair
Far away from here is there
And the me that wondered patiently
Is the same now. Pacing methodically.
And all these words fall from me
To thee
Apples from Newtons tree
But not as healthy
Just the pointless deranged ranting of a loser
Abusing the time granted to plant seeds
In hopes they may grow.

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Is it wrong that in my mind, as I was reading your poem, it was in that rhythmic sort of rap/talk style of a poetry slam and I felt myself in a coffee shop at uni in the 90s? All of those things are meant as a compliment too :)

No worries, a lot of my rhythm is influenced by the music of the era and those preceding it, products of a similar generation, monkeys all fed the same ideas will eventually thrash out Nevermind.

Love when you doodle!
I was thinking how cool it’s gonna be when your littles pick up your poems and go through them! Such a talented dad!☺️ Hugs friend!

And every day i wonder if they would influence him poorly.... when’s the best time to introduce your flaws to your kids?

Don’t ever think that💜 children are smart enough to see your flaws themselves and wise enough to learn from them and continue loving you unconditionally.

I only hope they can experience some of the burdens I've known vicariously without having to suffer them themselves.

I think as a parent that’s what we wish for. I definitely have sheltered my son to avoid experiences that I unfortunately had to endure, and sometimes I wonder if I needed to let him toughen up more. I think he’s doing all right though ❤️ Different times for sure!

what,s beautiful hand writing dear..your poetry always my favorite.because i am a big fan of your poetry.. your poetry expressd doing you thought very deeply to write time poetry.its very big quality dear of you.. thanks to sharing for your good post..very well done..@bleedpoet friend

Amazing one you've got there!.