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At the millstone,
a mile stone,
and an axe to grind.

Do I place here things I fear
Go pearl to the swine,
Or fill the trough with ink on pulp and see if they really notice.

See the sentimentalist resents
And the apologist repents
Daring to change the tense
Intensely unimpressed
Staring in the same duress
Taking liberties so immense.

And none of it makes sense.

I should be happy
And yet I look at horses teeth
And wonder why they smile,
I truly love some of thee
And yet you're so 2-d
Then I wonder who am I.

My scraps being weighted
As well as my gold,
A new tale warrants no new found fame,
We play this game of relevance
Inelegant and yet.

The fact your eye is grazing here, that you've not turned, been spurned away by this lashing, a beast thrashing in his cage, enraged by nothing but his own unfounded rage. The fact you haven't turned away only leads me to beg that you please stay. You are the friend I'm in need of today.

I've tried.
I've tried to keep up
To be everything to everyone
A small circle in the grand scheme, and I fall short, radiant but not that bright.

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Hearts and more hearts your way friend!

Delicious and chewy. You meant chicken hearts, right?😂

Yes those! Haha I too am a fan of chicken hearts haha

The fact you haven't turned away only leads me to beg that you please stay. You are the friend I'm in need of today.

Still here.

Hope you are ok?

Congrats on 60

Don't stress the stupid stuff.

I'll survive, been a lot on the old noggin, just rattling around, good to put some down.

  ·  last year (edited)

I know I am a shit disturber. I hope I haven't disturbed your shit E.

My shits fine. Smelly, but fine😊

I love how you write and I'm so happy to have the pleasure of reading it. Keep up the great work and congrats on 60! Like @artwatch says, don't sweat the stupid shit :)

Just head games I get playing with myself, nature of the art. Hope you got the job BtW, good luck!

60! I will reach that point as well maybe in a couple of months :) Congrats, and I love smiley horses too.

It in relation to the English phrase "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" it meant if some one was kind enough to give you a horse, not to be so rude as to check its health in front of them. In modern times it means not to be rude in accepting gifts.

Welcome to the fold. (The sixty-fold.)

I feel super old now, like I've finally accomplished something. Am I a dolphin now?

Not yet a dolphin, but you are becoming an obese minnow. And, that's something you can feel good about!

I never thought I'd be happy to be considered obese 😂

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