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Sound Wave #2

The Perfect Note

Is a simmering sauce
flavored with whiskey,
adds warmth
to a rabid dog’s howl.

It's the grave digger's spade,
a salvation sermon
that condemns a vile sinner
but peppered with grace
it offers forgiveness.

As a story it reads as a mystery.
It questions and searches
until in the end
it reveals something new.

At its peak, a point
when it seems out of reach
and mixes with curls
of cigarette smoke,
it just disappears,
a dream of romance
that no longer exists.

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Great capture, all dreams are illusions!

Thanks have a great day

Nice! That soundwave looks pretty sick :]

well done this had a very musical, lyrical flow to it when reading... dig it, followed you!

Many thanks I am glad you enjoyed it and followed.