Bania Rhyme Poem: Life is Helpless

in poetry •  last year 

You’re in it to help her because she’s existing because you’re in it.
But you do think she’s complex, she’s unfair and she’s your savior
And she thinks the same of you too, so both need to checkmate your behavior
Nothing is real until we believe and sometimes that’s why she look dangerous

I’m talking about her and I mean life
I’m speaking the truth that brings light
She’s a blessing, but not until you realize it
She’s helpless, but will be okay when you believe this

She takes in and bring out what you feed her
She goes in your direction when you lead her
Don’t try to beat life, but try to appreciate her
She’s really helpless, you don’t have to be too

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Awesome and well written, Thanks for sharing this poem @bania


Welcome and thanks for stopping by

All i can say is "excellent". Nicely written


Thanks for the nice words

  ·  last year (edited)

Your poetry is good, especially as you choose to refer to life as she. But I disagree with you that life is helpless. Life is actually in control, moving in the direction she has chosen. It's left to us to follow it in harmony or suffer the consequences of rebellion or ignorance. Life should not be pitied; man should be pitied.

Good attempt. Keep improving.

Resteemed and upvoted.

  ·  last year (edited)

The message in this poem is that Human transform life and we have the choice and power to make life what we Want and not just surrender to fate

Thanks for reading and stopping by

Is Great poetry, every word is perfect.
I love your poem.


Thanks for the nice words man

Wow , never knew you are this good with poetry, I'm thrilled.

Really life only go where and out it is directed and we still take the blame for all of our doings.


Excellent contribution dear and that really was the message I was trying to convey in this poetry

Thanks for reading and stopping by

Very encouraging and inspiring, thanks you for sharing boss.

Great perspective. Love is grand isn't it? Great post. I look forward to more! Joy

Life like a tree with a tiny root with branches carrying good and bad fruits
What more can we say in the broad palms of life we lay. We see thoughts kneeling down to pray receiving good fruits from a large round tray