in poetry •  2 years ago

To the twilight I complained
Crying your departure from my life ...
Why happy is just a moment ..

Like rain that continues to pepper the earth ...
Like a drizzle that always hugs the morning ..
I'm here stunned in silence ..

To the twilight I complain ..
How sad my heart is
You disappeared like you were in the earth ..

Just a small scratch cut into the heart ..
You step in my heart pudding ...
That you can not love me ...

To the twilight I complained
This longing pierced my heart
Like a big wave hit my chest
Until I can not breathe because of pressure
A very strong sense of longing ...

Oh love why taqdirnya so cruel ..
You give me him tp you askance him in the silence of the night ..

Now I just resigned in silence
My heart has frozen with time

By : @ayuwandira

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It's awesome and great story

wow cute


departures are painfull

Hey beautiful poetry , departures are truly painful ! Makes me wonder why do people have to leave ? However I think departures of people make us treasure more the people we have in our lives at this moment so we don't feel that same regret again .