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New year New beginning,
Is it really or a silly saying.

On this day we almost do not sleep
Until kpa! Kpoo! Kpoom! kpoof!!


then we merry and party,
And send chickens out of the activity.

The next thing isto pick a pen,
And start listing friends s we would take out of the rest.

How we would loose weight,
How we would pass that exam and accelerate.

How we would face our fears
' and become premiers

Break a habit
Get all the merits

And in February,
Everyone has lost their diary.

But wait a minute,
Where you waiting for the new year to break that habit?

See, the harmattan doesn't pick a day,
Neither does the rain say it's birthday.

A wise man once said
"those who wait for the new year are not ready to have it.

It's not the time to toss out those old stuffs,
They shouldn't have made it with you through that door.

It's not the time to shed those old friends,
It's time to welcome new ones that will make you trend.

Because a properly prepared person
Is one that thinks and gets what he wants or needs for a journey before the journey

Not one who starts to think after he had started the journey.
So which one are you?.

This is Apexdefather's pen

Ref: my Whaleshears blog

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