They are so close - An Original Poem - Steemit Exclusive (+ Afirmation Poetry )

in poetry •  10 months ago

They are so close
The Poetry and Prose
But I suppose
Me and You
meet for another dose

It is so simple
Yet so complex
Another dimple
From the old reflex

Don't you wonder
Be prepared for all
Wait for the thunder
Don't you dare her to fall

Some Little Affirmation Poetry For @vuds P:P Enjoy.

Be one with creation
Be truthful to all
In each situation
first Calmness I call

I am not afraid
Cause Love is the answer
I cannot wait
I am ready to transfer

The Light Is My Guide
Truth is my Shield
To darkness will not abide
Cause Love is all I feel

By Angel Veselinov

Another one for ya guys and girls I like where this is going do you. How do you like the affirmation poetry. God Bless You All. Peace and Love.

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