The Price - An original Poem Steemit Exclusive (Educational Poetry , Motivational Poetry)

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The Price

The price is so low
Oh God tell me how

I can make more steem
Time to buy for the team

I know they will enjoy
This new crypto toy

On Christmas Eve
With a fortune to live

You will surprise
With this crypto price

Who will be laughing then
With his favorite men

Yes that will be you
Cause to Steem you stayed true

Just remember my words
I know now it all hurts

There will be better days
SMT's on the way

Maybe we have to wait
To create something great

Well the future will tell
Will it be heaven or hell

By Angel Veselinov

Hey all :) . I am happy to be back again with another one of my poems. It has been a pleasure to try and cheer you up all ... We all know how is steem doing at the moment but we have to stay visionary and :) true to what we believe and do. That is the only way.

After almost a week with my friend and community comrade @madevi . I must stay that steemit has become an awesome place for me. Finding such good friends here and meeting them is one of the reasons I still believe that Steemit has a chance. It is matter of us to make it happen not wait for an update or anything .... Just try to update yourself and than all will come ...

Enough of my crazy thoughts everyone. See you soon. God Bless You All. Peace and Love.

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