No Motivation - An Original Poem - Steemit Exclusive - (Motivational Poetry)(Educational Poetry)

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You've got no more motivation
SBD is going fast down there's relation

But I have to admit
Steem is still the new hit

Only people don't know
What the future will show

I just want to continue my mission
I have made my steemit submission

So better join me at once
Have my motivational stance

Don't get upset with the price
It has been up then down more than twice

Just keep on doing your thing
That is how you pass trough everything

It is so nice to be part of it all
Let's rise after the fall

Now is the time not to give up
Continue to make your steemit soup

Someone will get a taste
Sooner or later
But don't you go paste
Somebody greater

By Angel Veselinov

Well Lets Continue Our Motivational and Educational Series... :) It is hard times for all of us guys but we got to hold on be strong :) That is got to be our favourite song. :) That Is All From ME . God Bless You . Peace and Love .


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