Hope - An Original Poem Steemit Exclusive (Motivational Poetry)

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Have you lost your hope
That is never dope

How would you live now
When you don't know how

Hope is all you had
It got you through all bad

I cannot believe
without hope there's a way to live

Hope is like old magic
Without hope is tragic

So don't you ever loose
Hope you have to choose

Hope is for the weak
Hope is for the strong
Hope we have to seek
Hope just walks among

Hope for better days
Hope for bright tomorrow
Hope for righteous ways
Hope must have to borrow

Hope dies last they say
Hope don't take for granted
Hope through all the way
Hope is all I ever wanted

By Angel Veselinov

Hey guys. What are we as human beings without Hope. I think that this is one of the things that distinguish us from the other animal species. Don't ever loose hope guys. There is always a chance thing will get better especially if you're trying hard. It is really important to have hope as it is part of believing in something bigger than yourself.
Well Thank you all for reading. Wish you great night. Have a good One. God Bless You . Peace and Love.

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Hope is the basis of the survival of the people.

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all humans who live in this world must have a
and if I do not think there are human beings who have no hope unless the person is unwell

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Hope is all we have left when everything around us crumbles.