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RE: Los Helicopteros Hipócritas

in #poetry5 years ago

He wins. I mean, he wins nothing, but good for him. I guess?

No, that's a horrible picture of me. Whoever sent it to him specifically to use as a weapon against me knows who they are, knows they're an even bigger scumbag than he is.

But I'm done. Losers like this guy are a huge reason why @steemit has an 8% retention rate.

But @tygertyger, while I appreciate the sentiment, @walden is displaying classic attention-seeking behavior. Ya, like as in child psychology. It doesn't matter what we say, only that he got a response. He doesn't know any more constructive way to get attention. Pathetic? Sure, except he doesn't realize it.


@ancapbarbie you're right I think from now on I will just ignore him . Pretty much everything has been said at this point.

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