Divine Thorns

in poetry •  5 months ago  (edited)

I hate love
Perhaps not
If they're apart of the same coin.
Flipped upside down
What is real anymore
After you've fallen down the hole
And and lost Alice at the entrance
Of the maze?
I get it...
Why They fell from high
To be with the lovely souls
Here on Earthly soils.
But we should have known better
Than to take such a gamble.
The greed of wanting more knowledge...
Oh Earth had that indeed,
But in the end it would be enough
To make the eyes bleed
For all we wanted to see was beauty
Yet we were faced with
Destruction and Decay
Chaotic disarray
From the Head of the Soul
And the Seat of Heart
As if we were meant to decay
As a way see Divinity it all forms.
Of all sides.
To know what it is like to be the thorn
And to be pricked.


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