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"I'm in love all day long" by Jeronimo Rubio

Photography by Jeronimo Rubio

Hello Steemians,

Are you ready for a True Love Story? Well, I am and I am happy to announce that it is my story. Just to let everyone know now, I am 51 years old (Soon to be 52). I have been in several relationships and have been through the pain of loss when I was young and the dissatisfaction of breakups in my later years. You see, when you are young, you feel as if your relationships are magical and everlasting. But when we have more experience about life in our later years, we realize that not all things are as they may seem and that we take our downfalls as a new lesson in life.

I have made lots of bad choices in my life. I am sure that everyone on planet earth can admit to this as well. But, if we learn from these choices, learn how not to make the same mistake twice. Then it was a great experience. Now we can be wiser the next time around. When we are young, we cry and our heart will break a little. Not that this doesn’t happen when we are older, because it does. The difference is we heal much faster and stronger. And this is the truth if we love our self, have faith in love and have self-confidence in our self.

So I am in the most wonderful relationship I have been in all my life now. Her name is Vanja Åvedal and she is from Moi Norway. She lives in a beautiful forest named Åvedal forest that is owned by her family. There is a beautiful lake in the middle of their property that has (3) little islands in the middle. I do plan to visit very soon indeed. But for now, I am here in California because I still have a 9 to 5. I am sure a lot of you know about this. We actually meet online but since we have met in person, the love grows stronger and stronger every day.

She has always wanted to come to the states and now she does as often as she can. Her son David comes with her sometimes as well. He is 22 years old now. Every day on my breaks at work, we talk the entire time. I take pictures of my lunch and send to her (same as I share here on Steemit) and I take pictures of birds and flowers for her that are all around me all the time. I write her poetry often and always send her a message before I go to sleep every night. On the weekend, I sing her to sleep and we talk for hours. We share everything about each others day every day. And every dream we have is to each other and the adventures we will have the next time we are together.

I hope you enjoy the poetry. It was all written for her and the love I feel for her. The way I feel about her and the dreams I have for her and I every day. I believe in sharing the love so that it may inspire other love stories that will be created and nurtured.

This first poem is entitled “The Dreamy Love Story” by Jeronimo Rubio. A trip through dreams of beautiful places and adventures that I and my fiance Vanja will experience one day soon.

The dreamy love story - Image source -

“The Dreamy Love Story” by Jeronimo Rubio

What is so beautiful about each day I wake in my life?
Well, let the dreamy love story begin now.

Let’s start from the beginning when I wake by your side,
A world of beauty and fantasy I endow.

Where you, My love and I spend wondrous moments,
Wrapped up in rainbow beams.

Riding on the winds of cool soothing airwaves,
Surrounded by cloudless schemes.

Where rivers of sparkling, rejuvenating waters,
Flow like our soul deep inside.

Washing away any sorrows that exist in our life,
Inviting our spirits to free glide.

Where grassy plains surround us with cover,
Keeping us hidden from harm.

Where flowers grow wild with an amazing sweet fragrance,
Dancing as if our eyes to charm.

Holding each other in an endless gentle hug,
With no reasons to ever let go.

Lying back with your head resting on my chest,
While I capture your smiling glow.

Softly kissing your lips as I melt into forever,
The sweet taste of a well-kept wine.

Like the warmth of the sun that you flow through my veins,
Making my world so divine.

Into the night where the stars light the grand sky,
While your eyes light me up within.

As the moon shines down beautiful beams of pure energy,
And your eyes put my heart into a spin.

The love you and I share through every magical special day,
Is something that will always live in my heart.

And forever my Vanja, queen of my world and my life,
You will always be my one and only sweetheart.

Photography by Jeronimo Rubio

The second poem is about how I no longer have to dream because with her in my life, all my dreams have become my reality. The things I use to dream about having in my life are now fulfilled with her love. The places we go. The things that we share with each other. The way we can’t live without each other and how life would become dull, with no color if we ever lost one another.

It is rare to find this kind of love. We share enough common interests that they become grand experiences when we get to share them together. But we also have enough differences that we are amazed at because we get to experience new things together that keep us always growing in love more and more each day. New experiences are great to grow together. It is something different for the one experiencing the new and it doesn’t matter if you truly enjoy it or not. Because sharing these experiences with the one you love is the true experience and, it helps each one of us learn more about each other which is essential in any relationship. This poem is entitled “My Dreams are Forever Now Awakened” by Jeronimo Rubio

Dreams of forever - Image source -

“My Dreams of Forever are Now Awakened” by Jeronimo Rubio

Dreams are a blessing, a glimpse of the future,
A look into a forgotten past.

Magical places to visit or fantasies to create,
Carpet rides along desert paths.

Mountainous mystical forest needed to be explored,
With rivers of golden treasures.

Glorious jungles of magnificent wildlife to study.
Sailing oceans in all kinds of weather.

Adventures, fantasies, and dreams of someone’s life,
Beautiful journeys, every one.

But I have this all in a single smile, kiss or touch,
From the woman with whom I’m in love.

One look into your eyes brings a never-ending passion,
An adventure that is oh so grand.

A futuristic fantasy through the timeless universe,
Comes to me while just holding your hand.

A wild jungle adventure through the Amazon jungle,
Comes to me with just one of your smiles.

And a mountainous hike through an undiscovered forest,
From your touch that will take me for miles.

Now that we’re together there is nothing I can’t do.
All my fantasies have now come true.

All of this because I have your Love in my heart,
And I will, forever love you.

My beautiful Vanja, love of my life and soul,
Nothing for granted will ever be taken.

Because with you in my life I am now forever at peace,
And all my dreams of forever are now awakened.

Photography by Jeronimo Rubio

This last poem is how we have not just fallen in love or how our love grows much more each day. But about how our souls, our hearts, and our lives are not two anymore, but only one. When she feels bad I naturally feel just as bad. When she is sad, I want to hold her to make her feel better but I share the sadness with her just as much. This is a true love.

There is no anger between us. Jealousy is just a word that we get to ignore because our trust for each other is immeasurable. We live for each other and there is nothing that we wouldn’t do for each other. God forbid that we would ever have to sacrifice our lives for each other. But if this ever did happen, we would graciously do this for one another. Our love is limitless and impenetrable. We have become one. No longer two separate individuals yet we share two aspects of life in one soul.

This poem is entitled “Now Together, We Have Become One” by Jeronimo Rubio – I hope you have enjoyed this love I share with you. And I wish and pray each day that all of you have this kind of love in your life today. If not today, then I pray it will be soon and last forever. Love, Jeronimo Rubio

We have become one - Image source -

“Now Together, We Have Become One” by Jeronimo Rubio

So many people in the world, but only two meant to be,
But which one is the right one for you?

Is it her? Is it Him? Will I meet them real soon?
Or will I meet them tomorrow at my school?

Do they live just next door or across the big blue sea?
Have I ever seen them before?

These are all good questions. But relax, do not search.
Because love is a divine search-less power.

If you seek you won’t fine. Remember love is blind.
Which means that it happens naturally.

There is someone for you. There is someone for all.
I already found my true love for me.

She came on the winds of love from far across the world.
And captured my heart tenderly.

She fills up my heart with a love I’ve never known,
And it sits deep inside eternally.

A beauty unchallenged. A smile without boundaries.
With the eyes of green emeralds of love.

Her hair, long and black like a luxurious silk gown,
And her skin so soft like the feathers of a dove.

Her heart filled with an endless abundance of joy,
And a spirit of strength unbound.

Support for both family and friends unrestricted,
And an angel of a mother now earthbound.

My beautiful Vanja, this is you without question,
And now that our life together has begun.

We once were two. Separate individuals far apart,
Now together, we have become one.

Poems, text and signed photographs are authored by

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You know what dear
Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.


Thak you so much @munna123. Indeed it is. Thank you for your kind words. Have a Blessed day.

that is incredibly heartwarming and sweet


I am so pleased that you liked the stories and poetry today @eikeeeleen. Thank you for your kind words and have a blessed day.

Poetry for a distant lover.

How do I express this feeling
About the ever-echoing love

From the depths of the soul
For yourself there

How to move to another heart
While you are faithful waiting

Though apart distance and time
You are willing to wait

Kunanti Your arrival.
My love for you is like the ocean
Vibrant and very deep

Like a hurricane round
Wander without fear

Then I will continue to be faithful
Waiting for you there

Wish you back
Bring me a loving flower.


A beautiful poem indeed @longming. Thank you so much for sharing. I truly appreciate all forms of art an love. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day.

Glad you have found true happiness. You should feel fortunate that you are experienced and mature enough to realize how precious and rare what you have truly is so you can cherish the moments and carefully preserve the relationship. I wish both of you and your families peace and good health for the rest of your lives.


Thank you so much @gtrplayer. I have and I am fortunate. I like to share what I have experienced in my life so that it may give others hope of how there life can be. Stories of success and failure are always the best because they give little lessons and paths to follow sometime. Thank you for your kind words. Have a Blessed day.

I have made lots of bad choices in my life.

We all did, as long as we learned from these bad choices we recovered! Oh boy, I remember these breakups, one particularly, I cried so much. Eventually, she realized she made a mistake and came back to me. At the end we broke up after another two years, but we remained friends. It’s always emotional to read about amazing stories like yours. Well, it’s not only a story, it’s you life. Isn’t it amazing. You live your dream, you found someone you actually truly love. The only one phrase I would add to your poem is

I can’t express my happiness waking up every morning with you right next to me and watching you smile...

But it will eventually happen. As alway, I love reading your poems. So much love and passion.


Indeed we have. Thank you so much @milano113. You always have such amazing words. I know you get it every time I read your response. All of our lives depend on others response. No matter if it's a friend bringing comfort or a stranger giving advise and both sharing their experiences. It is always good to hear from many because it will help the healing and teach something new. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day.

I really like the various works of poetry and photos let me Resteem your best poems and photos.


Thank you so much @arjoena20. I am so happy that you enjoyed everything here today. Thanks for stopping by Have a blessed day.

Mister @jeronimorubio, amazing as the last time! Your poetry resonates and echoes through space and time. Very motivational and on point, I simply loved it. I'm a bit left speechless because I respect good honest poetry.

By the way, Vanja is a name from my country, Croatia. Is she from here or got roots here?:D I'm happy that you're happy and that you're both happy haha It can be seen in your poetry that you're having a wonderful time. I love that saying: If you're in love, you got to say the whole world. :) That is exactly what is going on here. Simply amazing, what can I say :)

Thansk @adsactly, and once again thank you @jeronimorubio for telling the world about love and sharing it with us, I appreciate that. We need more love and every little help is good :) Now, let's share love all!

Have a lovely day, Luka.


And Thank You so much again The creativity in your writings and words and the encouragement that flows from them is Amazing always.

She is from a forest area near Moi Norway called "Åvedal, Vest-Agder" of which I will be traveling there very soon. Your words are always kind and genuine as well.

I truly appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. I love to read what you have written each time. May all your journey's be blessed and happy Luka. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day.

Love is a beautiful thing...... Enjoy the best of it


Yes mam live is a really beautiful thing.........


Life is a Beautiful thing. Life is a miracle. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day @sabbir1213.


Love is the ultimate power because it provides the ultimate answers and resolutions to all. Thank you so much @joyart for kind words and Have a Blessed day. I intend to.


You're most welcomed

Love is a wonderful thing. Love is full of excitement everytime you see or talk to the person you like as if you are floating above the clouds. You get inspired everyday. It breaks your heart also if you discover that the one you like admired someone else. I'm young only 17, but i dont know if this is love.

You have a very nice love story and very nice poem as well. I think those past experiences of yours were really destined to happen because it leads you to meet your Ms. Right.

I learned a lot from your story and picked some lessons that someday it will guide me when time comes when true love hits me. You are an inspiration sir.


Thank you so much for your support and beautiful words @mia-ka-yuki. I am glad that my experiences, stories and, poems gave you inspiration and insight into your future. This is what I hope will happen when people read what I have written. Thank you for your kind words and have a blessed day.

I Want a Country

I want a country
Let the sky be blue, the bough green, the cornfield yellow
Let it be a land of birds and flowers

I want a country
Let there be no pain in the head, no yearning in the heart
Let there be an end to brothers' quarrels

I want a country
Let there be no rich and poor, no you and me
On winter days let everyone have hose and home

I want a country
Let living be like loving from the heart
If there must be complaint, let it be of death

WOW! What ba beautiful story! And so fitting as love has been on my mind, I've been through heart break in the past and kept myself single and guarded for years as a result but that only ended up hurting me since not letting love in isn't the right answer. I did lots of healing around being able to truly open my heart and I feel this year it happened my heart bursted open and I felt love again... It was a different love because it grew in an unconditional way however his heart wasn't ready and that hurt so I had to ultimately choose to love myself and leave someone who wasn't able to appreciate my heart ... so I'm here reading your story and smiling knowing that time is an illusion and that real love exists ... so thank you for sharing your heart with steemit <3


Thank you so much for your amazing words @lorenayogini. I am sorry for your recent and past losses. But they only make us stronger in life and heart. They help us to see better and enhance our knowledge of life. I know this for a fact. That everyone (If they so choose) has another on the winds of life just waiting to connect with them. I am half Mescalero Apache. We believe that we will meet our true soulmate on the astral plains. Our spirits will flow to one another and connect. Then we will not have to seek but just encounter. Time is an illusion and only Love is our reality. Your true love will come soon. Have faith in yourself. You are already on the right path. It begins from within and loving yourself. Then we can love others even greater. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day.


Thank you so much for your beautiful words ... I do have faith and a deep knowing that it's all in divine order <3

Love together @adsactly


Always love as one @yenniyunita. Thank you for your kind words and have a blessed day.

have a good day my freinds
always support you work


Thank you so much for the support and stopping by @riezaldi. Thank you for your kind words and have a blessed day.


your welcome my freind have nice day too:)

Love is the greatest value, property and right of a free man... A man who loves becomes more sensitive to beauty. There is a special aesthetics of love-the human craving for a perfect life, which is based on the laws of beauty, goodness, freedom, justice. Love unites one person with another, helping him to overcome the feeling of isolation and loneliness. In love there is a paradox: two beings become one and remain at the same time two. However, love is not a happy accident or a fleeting episode, love is an art that requires a person's self - improvement, dedication, willingness to act self-sacrifice.


Your words are very true. I am happy that you stopped by to give some insight and advise to others @aydogdy. Your words will help many other people. Thank you for your kind words and have a blessed day.

nice one .....seeing true love in you guys eyes wishing for me too.
i do follow up your post but you don't upvote my comment and post( you can prove me wrong today ) .....I love to be your friend ...


I am happy that you enjoyed the poetry and love story. Thank you for your kind words and have a blessed day.

These are all good questions. But relax, do not search.
Because love is a divine search-less power.

If you seek you won’t fine. Remember love is blind.
Which means that it happens naturally.

These words are true and divine to form counselling in my life to be precise if stored within and indeed i have kept them wiling to apply them.

Thanks so much.


@patrix. Thank you for your support and I am so happy that you enjoyed the poetry and words written today. I am happy that you found something within these written words to connect with. Thank you for your kind words and have a blessed day.

Being in a relationship is not easy. They share every single failure, disappointment and joy together without any complaints. I don’t think ‘relationship’ can define it completely. Loving a person comes with a lot of responsibilities and if you have taken care of them with persistence and patience, you are going to stay together even beyond this life.


Your words ring true and are a very powerful lesson for others @kouba01. Hopefully, others will read from all of these amazing answers from all of you and my stories and poetry written here today and learn something from it and inspire them to never make the mistakes that I did. Thank you for your kind words and have a blessed day.

That's amazing, it's like some ray of hope in a world where love is slowing losing it's power. I'm glad you found your own dream love and don't have to dream again. I hope I find mine someday.


Thank you so much for your wonderful words @lordjames. I am so happy that you enjoyed the poetry. I know that one day you will find your true love. Be patient my friend. Have a blessed day.

It can never get romantic and mesmerizing than this. So genuine, i so much like this line
"The love you and I share through every magical special day,
Is something that will always live in my heart."


Thank you so much for your support @simonmaven. I am so happy that you enjoyed the poetry and words spoken in this post. I am also happy that you found something that has helped you. Thank you and have a blessed day.


You're welcome boss

Outstanding love story with poem. Excellent poetry. thank you for sharing true love.....@adsactly


Thank you for your support @pariza. I am happy you enjoyed everything today. Thank you for your kind words and have a blessed day.

An honor Can follow and learn from you @adsactly This is a poem that gives a force in life, True love only to people who know what it really means and love it is like a flower that is always kept, grown and cared for all time, illuminating his life, the journey of love does not recognize time like clock circuits that never stop as well as the real power of love, Witness than that is the eyes of the day that always illuminate and give strength.
Eternal Love is only owned by those who want to always keep it with joy and will bring it to the ultimate bliss of happiness. It shows a force in love that can not be separated by anything and the stars bear witness in our lives.

Thank you @adsactly for giving me a life force.

See you on the top


Thank you so much @lovelyworld. Your words are very nice and thank you for saying them. You have very powerful words about love as well and I am one can really appreciate that. I hope you continue on your path that was written in your thought. Have a blessed day.

Being the most beautiful thing in life is being in love, living the love


You are absolutely right @delicarola. I am very pleased you enjoyed the poetry and stories. Thank you for your kind words and have a blessed day.

As human it's good for us to share experiences. Love comes by sharing. Wonderful and inspiring poetry collection. Keep your unflinching look flaming @ads acolytes. Peace out :)


Thank you so much @jheff-shayd. Your words are pure truth for all to endure. A lesson to learn and live. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day.

I am just 20 years and i have have this girl for a decade now.
It so magical for me and i think am among the most lucky persons when it comes to love.
I fear it dont break tho.


20 years old and with the same girls for half your life. And it is still magical. This is a beautiful story for real @joshuaky. I am very happy for you. May all your journey's be happy. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day.

journey of life is winding, life is not always beautiful friend, after I read the contents of this post I feel this life is perle in live and enjoyed both love and sorrow. hopefully this post can inspire many people brother


Thank you so much @hermanlc. Life is the hardest thing to do. It has so many ups and downs. The downs will seem like there is no end. But if we stay strong, we will survive and come out shining like a diamond on the other side creating rainbows for all to see. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day.


you are walcome

both are looks so pretty, specially she is amazing. best of luck dear.


Thank you so much @sadiks. We will do our best to keep love on fire always. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day.

That Mississippi chicken shack.
That initial-scarred tabletop,
that tiny little dance floor to the left of the band.
That kiosk at the mall selling caramels and kitsch.
That tollbooth with its white-plastic-gloved worker
handing you your change.


Very interesting poem @jcobs. Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day.

love has no boundary... love make us charming... birth teach us love... we love our mother blindly...
afterall very nice content... thanks for shareing...


Thank you so much @kumillla. Your words are very true. Thank you for your kind words and Have a Blessed day.

Nice Photo.Real Love . and Awesome Poetry.

Beautiful conjugation of words that gives us this majestic and beautiful story thanks for sharing it, success

Beautiful couple with a beautiful smile.

A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing profitable post.i value your each post my dear @adsactly. Beingg in a relationship isn't simple. They share each and every disappointment, frustration and euphoria together with no dissensions. I don't figure 'relationship' can characterize it totally. Adoring a man accompanies a great deal of duties and in the event that you have dealt with them with diligence and tolerance, you will remain together even past this life.all the best !!!

you are lucky,nice love story.

a very meaningful post

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Being in love feeds the soul and there is peace all around you, excellent post thanks for your contribution successes and blessings

Congrats and enjoy everyday. I wish I had a little house in a forest.

I really liked your poetry, It has a lot of love and the main thing is right thoughts. I do not often read poetry, but your work fell into my soul.

You are right, many young people believe that their love will last forever. When you are young you can make mistakes. Usually what young people call love means "falling in love". There is a difference in this. First of all, "love" is the greatest feeling in the world. Love changed the fate of many people and influenced the course of history. This is something that can save your soul. Love is able to mock even the most evil man and make him kind. But "falling in love" is a temporary phenomenon. "Love" often breaks down on the rocks of life's difficulties.

All of us (or many) lost people close to us. Losing those whom they loved. In this life, not everything is perfect. But thanks to life experience, we finally find the person who will be with us to the end. It's fine. Wonderful poetry, I appreciate it

El amor sincero es hermoso. Cuando joven pensé y quise un amor para toda la vida. Lo mejor es lo que pasa. Tengo 53 años, un año separada de mi pareja. Que Dios les bendiga su amor y lleguen a viejitos unidos.

I was reading the dictionary. I thought it was a poem about everything.

@adsactly your story indeed worth sharing. I have been educated and have been reflecting on them. You have been an amazing personality, so its a yes vote from to you as a witness.

You deserve it! 👍

I like this post because life and love is different things. its a better idea from me. thanks @adsactly

Very good post @adsactly

Very good post @adsactly

life is short ,enjoy your life and fall in love as many time as possible while you are still breathing .i love your swag.

Hi friend @adsactly, his words reflect a person very much in love, his poems describe him better, I'm happy with many poems I also write poetry, I congratulate him on his relationship, God allow be for life, continue to enjoy every minute of his life, as if he were the last one next to his loved ones, God continue blessing him today tomorrow and always.

What a beautiful poetry, who knows the love of his life, knows the reason why it exists in this life. How nice they are Your wife is very beautiful. You are very lucky, not everyone manages to know their naraja average.

You and your wife are looking like a peaceful pair of birds.🎿

Lovely story, enjoy what you have It's so beautiful!

@adsactly It is so nice to hear about a true love, nowdays it is difficult because people are getting married for convinience. I married 40 years ago and I still sleep with my husband and I care for him, we married in a mormon temple for the eternity, forever and don´t want to say is been perfect but we have tried to make it work, live is not perfect, the important thing is that you love mutually . I learn from one friend when his father was looking through the window his wife asked him: In whom you think, and he answered: in you my darling, love have to be genuine. Beautiful love poems, I liked what you said in this part: The second poem is about how I no longer have to dream because with her in my life, all my dreams have become my reality. The things I use to dream about having in my life are now fulfilled with her love. The places we go. The things that we share with each other. The way we can’t live without each other and how life would become dull, with no color if we ever lost one another.
If you are still looking for something else and feel unhappy in your relation that means you are not really in love. Please get together and enjoy live, be happy. Nice blog

This is my poetry


Beautiful nature
Md. Nazmul Hossain

This is my Sonar Bangla
Written in gold color,
Wake up in she
Thousand poems.

Star fair at night
Nice to see,
She has blossomed in
A single moon.

Leave the shepherd boy cow flock
Bamboo flute,
Shown in tune
Beautiful nature.

Life is unpredictable and sometimes presents us with such surprises that it is breathtaking, and you can not believe that all this is happening to you ...
Great post!
Excellent poems!
Good luck to you!

Hi sir, I can feel how much you are in love right now . I am happy that at 51 you found the woman who is meant for you. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose. You have a very beauiful love story and you are very sweet & romantic person. Someone will definitely fall in love while reading this post.

I got married when I was 31 but prior to that I thought I won't be able to find true love. But God is good all the time, He really finds ways to meet the one that is meant to be our lifetime partner. Everything happens in God's perfect time.

Your mastery at conveying your messages using poetry is par excellence. I assume it comes from the way you cater to the readers' sensory perceptions.

I simply loved it,
following you @adsactly

"But, if we learn from these choices, learn how not to make the same mistake twice."--True.

Nice poem and nice read.

Both of you in love everyday, how could you are like that ?? Its making us jealous to you. Please considering our feels. Hehe.. Btw congratulation bexause both of you very inspiring us as the trending couple

I have enjoyed your poems.
Thank you

Beautiful couple, full and happy together, may God bless you and give you a full and healthy life so that you can enjoy a lot together, have the most important experience in life, now you have to live

Really touched by the harmony of the love relationship you get today ,,, it turns out that special happiness is only in the old age, because in our youth we only have the pleasure that always preceded by lust.