Stomach cares

in poetry •  4 months ago

Greenish herbs and shrubs;
With colourful fruits and seeds
Energy givers,life sustainer,
Food for the mouth.

A big small large vessel.
A landlord dependent on its environment.
Acid-base container.
The stomach of all animals;

Hunger it preaches always
Yet, void of opening by itself
A devoted character with specification
Inseparable lover of the mouth,oesophagus and food unconditionally imagesource

Fasting, oh how I love you
Eat, the constant melody of the stomach
Food for the stomach,stomach for the food
All to end one day

My stomach, I control
Food,it request
Prayer I make
O come quickly my precious breaking time

Love personified; the stomach
Delicious delicacy, the stomach welcomes
Toast her; the stomach tells the nose
What a love it is

Never was there an argument
The real definition of love
How sweet love is, if we will love as stomach and food
We will be inseparable and loving together live forever

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I'm so much in love with fresh fruits and vegetables like these ones you updated.. Ahhh their medicinal and health benefits are just too numerous..
Nice post you've got here.
Thumbs up.