Hardworking plus commitment

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Hardworking pays with time, there is no success overnight even for those that engaged in money rituals, it is all a process, it will never come in a day, and I love to say this, when you have no one to rely on, you should face your work squarely and never get tired no matter how tasking or tiring that work seems. I always pictures what I have passed through and what I still have to encounter in the journey of life before I can reach the top, it is when you strive to make things happen that opportunity will knock and locate you but sitting down waiting on someone to teach you what to do to be successful is like you have lost your sense of responsibility, I maybe wrong, you might say. "whatever you find good for your soul, always endeavors to go for it. #go-getter. image source

Work alienates poverty
work diligently and think straight my friend
Work brings upliftment and success

When we have no one to lean on,
Its like we are lazy.
When we have no one to trust,
We focus more on our work
image source
Your mother might be rich,
Your father might own a thousand and one horses;
If you rely on them
You are bound to meet our doom.
Since, what worked for last longer than what received.

Hardworking is like the arm,
While relatives are like the elbow
If you are wanted by the world today;

If you are still rich, they will love you tomorrow as well.
If you have an esteemed position,
You will be honored with great laugher.
If you are found wanted of these; money or position
You are bound to be left alone
have their back turned on you.

Awaiting a foolish child is suffering,
And sorrow for the child that have no plan or vision.
Waste your youth day's not my friend. imagesource

Work hard and plan well now,
Since time waits for no man.
And tomorrow may be too late.

This world will never fade away until I make it, I have the believe and I know sky is the limit.As long as I can breathe and see, I know my tomorrow is bright, today speak it all, things might be tough right now, like I used to ask and heard how the successful people actually reached the top. Maybe I'm thinking too much or just preoccupied my mind with some feelings that wasn't even right.

Original written by @adeyemidrey

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Ise logun ise


Absolutely brother, thanks.

Great spirit on you, I see. Follow your poetry, I will.