Poetry Wanted | Join Poetry 365 | Day 31 | HELL'S NOT A PLACE–

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Sometimes I think of Hell,
And the blatant misery;
I think of all the people,
And Pain as a Remedy,

But forever Suffering in Fire,
Demonstrates a Waste of Hate–
It seems the Devil is a Lie,
Tied to Fear and bound to Fate.

Because when I look at all of You,
I do not Long for punishment–
Sin is wrong and hurts the Soul;
Why elevate its Government?

So, if I feel this honestly,
And I'm made in Godly cast,
Deduction leads me to conclude,
Hell's not a place for us to pass.

--Stephen Martin, 1/31/19

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Day 1

In a nutshell, post your poetry below for consideration in my monthly, online, blockchain, poetry journal.

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Fire and brimstone are not the walls and foundations of Hell; it is shame and regret. We punish ourselves for straying from our morals and ethics.

Well penned, I enjoyed reading this very much. Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks for participating. 😎

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