Poetry 365 | Day 321 | scarecrow

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scarecrow keep waving your arms
you ain't doin me no harm
all those other fools are getting their panties in a wad
not me
no way
i'm not a retard

political anything is just a facade
correctness is illusion when it's based on man's law
nature is clear as to what's right and wrong
so i'm just gonna write another blues song

strong words won't break you
so open your ears
stiff arm the delusion
investigate fears
open yourself up to being wrong
it's just an idea
i'm gonna write another song
about everything here

i'm gonna be happy
living the truth
we'll see what happens
as i preserve youth
sorry if i offend you but that is your choice
i'm gonna keep usin my god given voice

scarecrow you look silly
cause that's how you're made
stuffed full of ideas that others have laid
stitched up in chaos and left in the cold
better watch out for that insistent mold
it grows in cold dark places that are dead inside
it's left to fester because of foolish pride
rip out the stuffing and ditch the whole skin
start anew and i'll call you a friend

--Stephen Martin, 11/18/19

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Day 1

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