Po.et: Decentralized Content Ownership Done Right

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License What’s Rightfully Yours

Po.et is essentially an open, universally unchanging ledger meant to manage the ownership and licensing of the world’s creative works. This network allows content creators to timestamp their assets onto the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring safe metadata attribution that is easily verifiable and permanent. This network is a decentralized system, therefore there are no single points of failure, and Po.et remains immune to a shutdown.


Po.et: Proof of Existence 2.0

Proof of Existence is a program that guarantees the timestamp for when a piece of work has been created, which pioneered the movement for essentially the metamorphosis of intellectual property and the digital media landscape. Developed by Esteban Ordano, Po.et’s CTO, he was able to prove that a document existed as soon as the transaction was confirmed onto the blockchain by including a hash of a document in a Bitcoin transaction.


How can Po.et change the Industry?

Services like Creative Commons and Shutterstock help creators create licenses for their work, but these services are not capable of providing a way to negotiate licensing terms. Po.et paves a way for creators to set clear licensing fees and accept payment directly within the platform. Furthermore, Po.et enables digital content to be easier to find by conceiving an open network for publishers to browse for new content. Po.et seeks to create an ecosystem where all parties within the publishing industry are able to retain their value:

  1. Publishers - enables facilitation by generating a mechanism to seek out and source new creative works, and generate permanent ownership certificates for their works.
  2. Journalists - Po.et helps journalists cultivate their own personal brand by introducing them to publishers looking for creative assets. The revenue sharing and licensing terms are easy to understand, accelerating the money-making process.
  3. Content Creators - Creators can upload their digital works and make sure that they were the first to issue the licenses.
  4. Advertising - Po.et works as a marketplace in which publishers are connected to advertisers who are willing to pay for re-publishing marketing content and press releases.

What is its Current Stage?

Po.et released their Developer Community Spotlight for May 2018. The article interviews some of Po.et’s most hardworking developers, going in-depth with how they got into the Po.et project, including some fun facts.

Furthermore, any further questions you might have for Po.et may have been answered! Check out this Q&A with Po.et’s new CEO, Jarrod Dicker, on their subreddit!


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Roadmap Link – https://www.po.et/roadmap

Project Details

Project Name: Po.et
Website: https://www.po.et/
Telegram: Chatroom link
Blog: https://blog.po.et/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_poetproject
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/poetproject/

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When I start publishing and uploading my own personal work online, I will very much look into Po.et to license my work.

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